Team & Expertise

Team & Experience

Founder & Managing Director –
Alex De Vincentiis

For the past 15 years, Alex has held instrumental roles in the property and wealth creation industries, through his own developments, and working closely with national and international developers and builders. His extensive experience includes an executive position at one of Australia’s largest development companies. During his career, Alex has been the driving force behind several high-rise projects in South-East Queensland, as well as several townhouse projects and luxury homes.

Today at the helm of One Global Group, Alex’s innate business acumen, teamed with his passion and experience for the industry, has brought the company into the world arena, garnering the respect of the industry and his peers.

Alex De Vincentiis

Management & Investment Team

At One Global Group we have a uniquely effective business model that allows us to carefully analyse projects and investment opportunities and provide a tailored solution for the most favourable outcome. We have the ability to provide an end-to-end business model for developers and associates across the real estate industry, underwriting projects where necessary, to provide our investors with unique and exclusive investment opportunities.

Our highly experienced team and alliance partners
come together to provide the following services:


Determining your objectives. Whether it be an investment in the property market or launching a new project in the international arena, we have the team and expertise to guide you through this process.


Determining the right investment. Whether this is your first foray into international investment, or whether you are looking to expand your global real estate portfolio, we have the resources to assist you achieve your desired objective.


End-to-end management of your investment from initial consultation to due diligence, contract signing, settlement and post-settlement assistance.


One Global Group has a team of very experienced independent third-party finance professionals who know and understand the legalities involved with property investment in various countries within Australia and across the globe, and can assist you in this process.


One Global Group offers employment opportunities in the following fields:

Sales | Marketing | Administration | Public Relations

If you would like to join our dynamic and ever-expanding team, please email us at to discuss any job opportunities. Don’t forget to include your CV.